no child should die from treatable conditions


We believe all children deserve a chance at life.

But each year, millions of families watch helplessly as their children die. Poverty prevents them from receiving the medical treatment they require to survive. The causes of non-neonatal child mortality are:

  • Diarrhea disease (38%)

    Diarrhea mostly results from contaminated food and water. Many instances can be prevented through safe drinking-water and proper sanitation. Under Five trains parents and guardians on diarrhea prevention, and provides treatment and access to care for impoverished children suffering from diarrhea.

  • Pneumonia (18%)

    Pneumonia is caused by infectious agents. Children weakened by malnutrition are at heightened risk. Under Five trains parents and guardians on pneumonia prevention, including reducing indoor air pollution from cooking, and provides treatment and access to care for impoverished children suffering from pneumonia and other respiratory conditions.

  • HIV/AIDS (12%)

    HIV/AIDS in young children results from direct transmission from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. Under Five trains pregnant mothers on prevention of mother-to-child transmission, supports mother and child access to medical care, and provides testing and early treatment for HIV exposed children.

  • Other (32%)

    Other causes of child mortality include malaria, measles, injuries, congenital anomalies, and infections. Under Five works with all children at risk of death due to treatable conditions, regardless of illness, to get the medical care and treatment they need to survive.

That's why we started Under Five

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We are passionate about saving lives with our proven approach

Our Grassroots Network

We don’t wait for children to find us… we find them. We partner with community health workers, clinics, village elders, pastors, and churches. This extensive grassroots network refers hundreds of children to the Under Five Initiative, allowing us to serve the neediest and most desperate children not reached by any other organizations.

Our People-First Approach

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, we are all about finding the most desperate people and serving them in love. We recognize the pain so many families experience as they helplessly watch their children die from treatable conditions, and we partner with them to get the life-saving treatment their children need to survive.

Our High-Quality Care

Our affiliate hospitals, clinics, and community health workers share our vision, and work tirelessly to save lives. We carefully select our partners to provide exceptional care for the families we serve. The support we provide includes prevention, testing, treatment, access to care, and wellness programs, all aimed at saving the lives of children.

Behind every suffering child is a family praying for a miracle.

What the families we serve are saying about the Under Five Initiative:

Will you stand with us to reach more children?

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Ways You Can Save Lives

Monthly giving delivers the most life-saving impact


  • Provide children in need of a medical diagnosis with an initial consultation at our partner hospitals or clinics
  • Monthly gift of $10


  • Provide children with prescription medication and transportation to medical appointments
  • Monthly gift of $35

Minor Surgery

Most Needed


  • Provides an impoverished child with a minor life-saving surgery at one of our high-quality partner hospitals
  • Monthly gift of $45
Major Surgery


  • Provides an impoverished child with a major life-saving surgery at one of our high-quality partner hospitals
  • Monthly gift of $100


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