Room for More

When she needs help… will we have room?

Mustard Seed House hosts patients and their families as they…

seek a diagnosis

wait for surgery

recover close to the hospital

Faith Aid’s Capital Campaign

Room for More

Join us in building a larger Mustard Seed House near Tenwek Hospital, where we share the Gospel and provide care for families from all over Africa with sick children

Many Kenyan children travel long distances to receive the medical care they need to survive.

They often arrive as strangers in an unfamiliar place, praying to God for healing.

Faith Aid partners with hospitals that offer specialized pediatric care that attracts families from all over the region, country, and continent.

What is Mustard Seed House?

We care for the sick and suffering in Jesus’ name

Mustard Seed House is a Christian ministry that provides care and support for families in Kenya with children who are sick.

We provide:


Spiritual Care





Faith Aid established the Mustard Seed House at Tenwek in January 2021 in a rented, 3 bedroom house.

The Problem

The demand of suffering children quickly exceeded the capacity of our three-bedroom rented house


When a child receives an unfamiliar diagnosis, parents and guardians are often consumed with fear and anxiety. Our trained staff offer prayer and encouragement.


Strained by the costs of travel and medical care and anxiety for their loved ones, many families lack safe accommodation while awaiting treatment or surgery. Our facility provides Christian hospitality.


Some children may have to make several perilous trips back and forth to the hospital or may even sleep outside, leaving themselves vulnerable to crime or sickness. Our program improves medical outcomes and increases access to care.

Our Vision