Award-Winning Cycling Studio Rallies Around Kenyan Child in Need of Surgery

Award-Winning Cycling Studio Rallies Around Kenyan Child in Need of Surgery

After giving birth to twins, Lauren Fraher, Under Five Program Director, was searching for a low impact, high intensity exercise regimen that did not exacerbate her postpartum abdominal muscle separation. 

Lauren entered the yellow studio doors at POPCYCLE in Northern Virginia and was immediately hooked. “Great music, great people, and most of all fun. I am so grateful for the encouragement and support from all the instructors!”

When POPCYCLE owner Teresa Yasutis heard about Lauren’s work in Kenya through Under Five, she knew she wanted to help save lives. With a number of children waiting for treatment, Lauren shared the story of Peter, a one-year old child in severe pain from a hernia.

Lauren explained, “When Peter was one year old, his mother, Pamela, noticed that his abdomen was swollen and painful. Pamela decided to bring Peter to a local clinic where Peter was diagnosed with a hernia. Pamela was devastated. She had no way to pay for the surgery. Hopeless, Pamela brought her sick baby boy home. Thankfully Peter was referred to Under Five by a local pastor.” Left untreated, hernias are excruciatingly painful and can lead to serious complications, and even death.

On Saturday, November 17, the POPCYCLE community had two 50-minute rides to support Peter’s surgery.  After the morning event, Teresa explained, “POPCYCLE was all about Peter today… This is how we go ‘beyond the bike’ as a community at POPCYCLE.” In a matter of days, the POPCYCLE community raised $1,200 for Peter’s surgery.

Through Under Five, Faith Aid is leading a revolution in how impoverished children receive life-saving medical care. Lauren explained, “Using technology, we know we can prevent thousands of preventable deaths by directly connecting urgent needs in Africa with people in the United States who have the heart to help. You don’t have to wonder where your money is going. You don’t have to question whether you really made a difference. Instead, you see the immediate life-saving impact, and this impact would not have been possible without you.”

Lauren expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported Peter, and looks forward to sharing post-surgery photos of Peter so they can witness the life-changing impact of their efforts.