Faith Aid Featured on Popular Podcast

Faith Aid Featured on Popular Podcast

Listen to Lauren Fraher, Faith Aid co-founder, share her journey alongside suffering children in Kenya with Trish Blackwell on the Confidence Podcast.

Episode #297: How to Make a Difference in This World When You Don’t Feel Ready

Between now and 12/31/2018, Trish Blackwell will be personally matching all listener donations to Faith Aid up to $1,000.  All you need to do is donate to Faith Aid and then email Trish Blackwell to let her know.

Questions Answered by Lauren:

1) How did the idea of Faith Aid get started? How did you and your husband decide that you could make a difference, that you could be part of moving the mountain of unnecessary child mortality on a different CONTINENT?  Tell us more about The Under Five Initiative and about how your belief that all children deserve a chance at life motivates you.

2) Now, real life questions. How did you not feel overwhelmed? Did you all ever feel less than or underprepared because of your age or because of where you lived?  How do you stay focused on one child at a time when you know you have millions to help?  How the heck do you time manage running a non-profit on another side of the world while raising three kids three and under?

3) I love the statement you make on your website: “Because behind every suffering child is a family praying for a miracle.” You see these families yourself, you interact with them, you have their photos on your phone, intermixed between your own children’s photos.  …. could you share how your process of selecting who to work with and how to fundraise works for Faith Aid?  How can someone give and/or get involved?

4) Faith Aid is such a shining light of an example that we all can do so much more – that every though we can each find 1000x reasons why it might not work, why we aren’t ready to show up for our calling, why we are afraid to try or to put ourselves out there, why we short-sell the difference we can make by making a difference in the life of even just one person ….. what advice / encouragement could you offer to someone listening who knows God has put something on their heart to do in this world, but who don’t know (1) where to start (2) how to have the confidence that they really can make a difference and (3) how to really rest in the truth that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called?