Faith Aid Partners with Tenwek Hospital to Provide Life-Saving Neurosurgery to Needy Patients

Faith Aid has awarded a grant to Tenwek Hospital to extend the love of Christ to patients unable to afford neurosurgical interventions. In many parts of the world, including Kenya, affordability becomes a significant barrier to life-saving treatments, particularly in complex cases such as neurosurgery. Faith Aid’s recent grant to Tenwek Hospital is set to transform the lives of dozens of individuals who otherwise would have been unable to afford crucial neurosurgical treatment.

Room for More: Creating Space for Healing and Hope at Mustard Seed House

We are thrilled to share with you the latest updates on the expansion of Mustard Seed House, a Christian charitable project dedicated to serving sick and suffering patients and their families in Kenya. With the incredible support of donors like you, we have made significant progress in our mission to provide distinctly Christian care and create a safe haven for those in need. Mustard Seed House, situated near Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, serves as a refuge for families who travel long distances to seek medical care for their loved ones.